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ChatPartner is a powerful software for WhatsApp that will help you take your business to the next level while saving time by allowing you to auto reply to new messages, create chatbots, send bulk messages on WhatsApp and so much more.


Do more while saving time with the most unique software for WhatsApp.


Take total control of your WhatsApp messaging

Whatever you’re using WhatsApp for, ChatPartner can help you do it all without having to spend all day on it.

Bulk Messaging

Send messages in bulk to multiple recipients at a time.

Multiple Accounts

You can manage multiple WhatsApp accounts from a single ChatPartner dashboard.

Automated Responses

Comes with unique features to send automated responses with chatbots and autoresponder with so many options to make it work however you want!


Message people with their name, location, or other detailed exactly targeted like the way you like. 

24x7, works on Cloud.

WhatsApp Automation.

A WhatsApp bot can work around the clock and can handle multiple requests simultaneously, which means that it is always available to assist customers, even outside of regular business hours.

And it works for any industry and any business!


AI Powered WhatsApp Tool*

ChatPartner also includes AI support so you can configure it to send auto-responses and messages with the help of AI without any intervention from your end. 

*AI is only included in the Pro plan. 


No more unanswered messages, no more being on your WhatsApp all the time!

Let ChatPartner take care of your WhatsApp marketing so you can focus on other aspects of your business all day.


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ChatPartner helps you manage your WhatsApp marketing and save time while achieving more.

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